Recipe: Appetizing Beef bulgogi bowls

Beef bulgogi bowls. Ditch the delivery and whip up a make-ahead recipe for Easy Beef Bulgogi Bowls served with pickled veggies and fried eggs. This is the true definition of a "meal in-a-bowl": marinated beef Bulgogi, pickled cucumbers, spicy kimchi and a fried egg, all served atop a bed of rice. So this Korean Beef Bowl (aka Korean BBQ Beef) I'm sharing today is very slightly adapted from her recipe for Bulgogi – Korean BBQ Beef.

Make the Korean Beef Bulgogi recipe or warm the leftovers. Add the rice to a serving bowl and top with the beef bulgogi, sliced cucumber, carrot, radishes and herbs. Garnish with green onion and sesame seeds. You can cook Beef bulgogi bowls using 9 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Beef bulgogi bowls

  1. You need of White rice (1 cup).
  2. It’s of White wine vinegar (2 tbsp).
  3. It’s of Shredded carrots (1/2 cup).
  4. You need of Sour cream (1/4 cup).
  5. It’s of Scallions (1 bunch).
  6. It’s 1 of cucumber.
  7. It’s 1/2 pound of ground beef.
  8. Prepare of Bulgogi sauce (1/4 cup).
  9. It’s of Sriracha (2 tbsp).

Slather with a spoonful of the chili garlic mayonnaise, and serve. When all the beef bulgogi is cooked, assemble the bowls. Top with the beef bulgogi, kimchi, garlic, Shishito peppers, and your reserved chopped scallions. Korean Beef Bulgogi Bowl with Garlic Rice & Sesame Mayo.

Beef bulgogi bowls step by step

  1. Cook rice – bowl water and insert rice for about 15 mins or until tender.
  2. Chop scallions into thin slices and shave cucumber.
  3. Toss cucumber ribbons in white wine vinegar and a dash of salt to pickle the cucumber.
  4. Cook carrots over a drizzle of olive oil and season with salt and pepper. After 2 minutes toss in beef until browned. Then add the scallions and bulgogi sauce and bring to a simmer.
  5. Combine sriracha sauce with sour cream..
  6. On a plate start with rice then beef then top with pickled cucumbers and finish with sriracha cream.

This sizzling Korean-style beef bowl is a joy unparalleled. Simplicity is the winner here, with a dollop of sesame mayo being the crowning glory on this quick and easy weeknight winner. The Korean Beef Bulgogi Bowl Recipe: Korean Beef Bulgogi Bowl. This Korean Beef Bulgogi Bowl is bursting with spicy flavour! Rate this Recipe Print Recipe Pin Recipe.

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